We appreciate your coming our booth in Marmomac 2022.
Thanks for your concern about our products.
I am grateful for the opportunity of meeting many customers for the first time in three years.
You can see all products displayed in exhibition here. – click here

WATER SANDER WS-6/WS-6S – Pneumatic wet polisher –

NEW FLEX DIA TYPE P – Flexible diamond for artificial marble stone –

MARBEL FLEX DIA – Hand pad for marble –

200mm(8″) MARBLE FLEX DIA DISC – 8” Polishing disc for marble –

MARBLE FLEX DIA HAND PAD – Diamond Hand Polishing Pad for Marble –

WATER SANDER WS-C1 – Pneumatic wet chamfering machine –


SEKISUI FIT LIGHT TAPE 738 – Adhesive tape –

RAINBOW ERASER – Rainbow stain remover –

PEARL NOZZLE – Ceramic nozzle for Sandblast engraving –

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